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Rubber Stamps
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Rubber Stamps / Inks & Ink Pads

 SWOP -Pad Replacement Pads

Rubber Stamps / No Mess
No Mess

Rubber Stamps / No Re Inking...
No Re-inking

Rubber Stamps / Exact Ink Dosage...
Exact Ink Dosage

5 Standard Colours

SWOP-Pad, the original TRODAT replacement pad for the Printy & Heavy Duty Ranges.

 Stamp Pads

Black  -  Red  Blue  Green  -  Violet

Stamp pads in 3 sizes & a choice of colours

9051 Size:  9 x 5 cm
9502 Size: 11 x 7 cm
9053 Size: 16 x 9 cm

Stamp Ink (Re-ink your stamp pad)

7011 - 28ml
Black, Blue, Red,
Violet & Green.

Quick Drying (802)   25ml  Black  -  Red  Blue

Laundry Ink (IN30)  30ml  (IN125)  125ml   Black  -  Red

UV Invisible Water Proof Ink  125ml  
Dries by absorption & evaporation. Visible under black light (ultra violet).

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